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What companies gain by including persons with disabilities

  More than one billion people in this world are living with some form of disability. That’s one in seven of us. Eighty percent of these people acquire their disability between the ages of 18 and 64 - the average working age for most - and they are 50% more...

Opinion: Celebrate, strengthen a disability rights law

It's been over a month since Uber and Lyft began operations in upstate New York, but not everyone has access to ridesharing yet. Wheelchair users are still waiting on these companies to provide accessible vehicles. Aleanna Siacon This week marks an...

Russ Berrie Awards 2018 Part 1 – Video

During part one of this three-part special, Steve Adubato goes on-location to the 2018 Russ Berrie "Making a Difference Awards" to talk with extraordinary unsung heroes who change lives of New Jersey residents through community service and kindness. Guests...

Access to the Community

Access to the Community By Marianne Valls Every minority struggles for its independence regardless of what the law says. No law waves a magic wand and the doors of freedom automatically open. Those who are oppressed must pry the doors open by using the...

Blind Facebook engineer

A blind Facebook engineer is solving one of the biggest problems on the Internet: figuring out what’s in images and videos Facebook is working on technologies to help verbalize what is in images, especially to help visually impaired users. The technology may be able…

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